Top 10 reasons to visit COSTA RICA


Our People

Costa Ricans are often referred to as “Ticos" for men, and “Ticas" for women. They are known as some of the happiest people in the world, probably due to their relaxed and “pura vida" (pure life) lifestyle. Generally speaking, the people in Costa Rica are very friendly and open. In fact, many tourists say that the Ticos are not afraid to welcome strangers in their homes; say you are driving and get lost, you can call at any door and ask for directions; after that you may have to stay for lunch.


Traditional Food

Food in Costa Rica is great, we grow most of what we eat in our country. An important fact about Costa Rica is that we are part of the BLUE ZONES where people live much longer than average due to our diet.


Geothermal, Hydroelectric Power and Solar Energy

100% natural. Costa Rica, with a population of nearly 5 million people, is a Central American country characterized by rich, lush rainforests and coastal beauty. In November 2016, the nation joined a number of other developing countries concerned about climate change; these signed the Marrakesh Communiqué, which among other things, pledges signatories to lead in "greening our economies as our contribution towards achieving net zero carbon footprint and 100% renewable energy". The Costa Rican government had already set a goal for the country to become carbon neutral by 2021. In 2015, the nation had supplied 95-99% of the electricity demand by means of renewable sources, approximately 80% of which was hydro powered.Costa Rica boasts one of the largest percentages of its territory dedicated to conservation purposes compared with any other country in the world, mostly natural reserves but quite a large number of national parks.

Most of the parks feature well designed trails, camping, and plenty of ranger stations. Costa Rica is the pioneer in strategic ecotourism. Thus, there are many exciting destinations in the country where nature can best be appreciated. Tourists can visit any one of the country's national parks: Chirripo National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Cahuita National Park, Corcovado National Park and Tapanti National Park. Other environmental tourist spots are the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves and the Pacuare River and Protected Zone.


Caribbean Rainforest, Cloud Forest and Dry Forest

During your visit to Costa Rica you are going to see with your own eyes our rich biodiversity. Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents nearly 6% of the total species estimated worldwide; this fact makes Costa Rica one of the 20 countries worldwide with the highest biodiversity. Not many people are fortunate to see this but you can.


Costa Rica Is a Peaceful Country

You will be in a country with no army, a place that enjoys a peaceful environment. Therefore, during your stay you will have the best vacations ever!.


¡Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

English has become a must-learn language due to the type of business our country runs. You will find that many folks here are bilingual, so it will be easy to get around the country. However, you must promise to practice your Spanish with us.


Four Season, JW Marriott and Dreams Las Mareas

Our destination overflows with resorts, hotels and lodges. Our offer ranges from five start resorts that are located deep into the rainforest, to amazing beach resorts that offer great golf courses. Or, how about waking up -coffee in hand- to a breathless volcano view from your room? It's also attainable.


Zip Lining, River Rafting and Kayaking

The best way to have an adrenaline rush is by engaging in our extreme activities. If you love the adventure and extreme sports, there is no better place for you than Costa Rica. Imagine being surrounded by incredible landscapes and practicing zip lining, river rafting or kayaking. We call that pura vida!.


San Jose and Liberia International Airports

Our country has two international airports; therefore, you have no excuses not to visit us.


Costa Rica's Currency

You do not need to worry about carrying too much cash or changing your currency into the local one; most stores accept U.S. dollars and credit cards. There you have it, buy local rum, souvenirs, or the superb Costa Rican coffee with ease.

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